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Dibond Signs


Whether we like it or not, signs have the potential to make or break businesses. They can help you get people in through your doors, they can help you deliver excellent customer experience, they can increase brand recognition, and can do a lot more including ultimately boosting your bottom-line.

metal storefront sign panelThere are a ton of sign types, materials, and substrates to choose from. If you’re looking for signages that look great, is long-lasting, and has a variety of uses and applications, dibond signs may just be the answer!

Dibond is an aluminum composite material that has been around for a number of years and has grown quite popular as a signage material among all types of businesses. It is made up of solid plastic (polyethylene) core sandwiched between two thin aluminum sheets. Signage made out of dibond is very durable, lasting a long time outdoors and even longer indoors. They are especially sought after by business owners looking for lighter but thicker alternatives to aluminum.

As a trusted Dibond signs provider, we at Image Master Custom Signs have successfully delivered high-quality Dibond signs to numerous clients from all types of industries. From storefront signs, to hanging indoor signs, to promotional signs, to dimensional signs, to lobby signs, to wayfinders, sign panels, and even to restaurant menu boards, Dibond signs by Image Master Custom Signs can be the signage solution your business needs.

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Impressive, Impactful Business Signs

storefront metal sign panelOne feature that sets Dibond apart from other sign substrates is its trademark smooth finish and wide selection of finishing options. With enamel pre-painted on its surface, Dibond is colorfast and quite easy to clean. They make excellent materials for mounting digital- and screen-printed photos and graphics.

Here at Image Master Custom Signs, we make sure that your Dibond signs work wonders for your business. We see to it that your signage is tailored to suit your brand identity, your business’s objectives, your company’s vision, your location, and yes, your budget too.

One of the ways we do this is by giving you broad range of finishes and colors to choose from, including brushed gold, brushed silver, brushed copper, wood, reflective/mirror-like, etc. This allows you to choose the exact finish for your signs in order for them to clearly speak your brand message and to impact your target market.

Durable Outdoor Signs

custom dibond monument sign panel

Because Dibond signs are created using durable aluminum and solid polyethylene, it’s no wonder that they are a popular choice for outdoor business signage.

The Dibond signs that we produce here at Image Master Custom Signs are completely rustproof, waterproof, weather-proof, chemical-resistant, not subject to rot and decay, resistant to heat and cold, and are able to retain their integrity even when in harsh conditions. In short, we’ve got pretty reliable outdoor signage for you right here!

Our Dibond signs are used in all types of businesses including schools, dental clinics, offices, government agencies, law firms, restaurants, service centers, universities, and so many more.

So if you want your business signs to look attractive and stay that way for a long time, Dibond signs by Image Master Custom Signs are the perfect tool to help increase customer footfall in your business.

Versatile Signage Solutions

indoor metal sign panel

Having been in the sign business for a long time, we know how important it is for businesses to have signage that is customized to their unique brand, business needs, target market, and location.

When it comes to uniqueness, you can count on Dibond signs by Image Master Custom Signs to deliver. Just let us know what size you want it in, or what shape you want it cut into, or what design to print on it, or what color you prefer, and we’ll custom-craft it for you.

Do you already have a design for your signage? Great! We use state-of-the-art printers and superior inks to make sure your designs are brought to life and protected from fading. We do both single- and double-sided printing.

Image Master Custom Signs has a strong team of sign designers, installers, and fabricators who can help you create the perfect design to reflect and represent your business.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom outdoor parking sign

We at Image Master Custom Signs have been a trusted local provider of quality Dibond signs for many years, and we’ve catered to the signage needs of countless business here in .

If there’s anything we don’t want our clients to do, it’s to hop around from one sign shop to the next as they try to get their signages done. This is exactly why we’ve strived so hard to become ’s trusted one-stop signage shop, so you can have everything you need here in one place.

From conceptualization, to design, to printing, to fabrication, to installation, and even to maintenance and repair, Image Master Custom Signs has got you covered!

Free Signage Consultation

We make it our goal that you make the best and most practical business decisions when it comes to your signage. We believe Dibond signs are among the best options available.

Lightweight, durable, and highly versatile, Dibond signs by Image Master Custom Signs can impress and impact your target market at a very good price. Dibond outdoor signs can help you bring in more customers, dibond indoor signs help retain them, and dibond promotional signs can help increase brand visibility.

We are passionate about custom-crafting the exact signs that you need. Ones that works best for your business based on your brand identity, goals, location, timeframe, target consumer market, and budget. We do this by getting a good grasp of your signage needs through a free initial consultation. We sit down and discuss what you need, what we can offer, and how it’s going to work.

If you’re looking to make use of Dibond’s versatility in your business signage system, then feel free to drop by our sign shop or ring us up so that we can schedule a free consultation.

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